Adult foam life jacket

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Fabric name: thick Oxford tarpaulin

Size: 600mm*520mm*60mm

Principle analysis:

1. Buoyant material filled life jacket, that is, fabric made of nylon cloth or neoprene, filled with buoyant material.

2. Inflatable life jacket: Made of high-strength waterproof material, similar to the principle of inflatable lifebuoy or swimming ring. Automatically inflated or passively inflated. However, this life jacket should be noted: to avoid sharp objects puncture or wear through the waterproof layer, the air leak will cause unfortunate serious consequences.


1. Wear the life jacket whistle bag on the body.

2, pull the zipper, hands tighten the front strap, tie the neck strap

3, the award of the straps in the front and left cross-binding.

4. Check if each part is tight after wearing.

5, the gas in the life jacket must be sufficient

Scope of application:

For port operations, fishing boat fishing