Anti Hair Loss Laser Hair Regrowth Helmet for Hair Loss Medical Diodes Hair Regrow Treatment

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1. Infrared light therapy, strong penetration, penetrate subcutaneous fat to wake up the hair follicles, and reproduce the richness and toughness of the hair.
2. 4 modes are adjustable, you can regulate according to need, memory function, bring you convenience.
3. Control oil, prevent hair loss, nourish hair follicles, care scalp, create a good hair growth environment.
4. Built-in intelligent infrared sensor lamp, the product stops working when it's not on your head.
5. Adopts lightweight ergonomic design, more comfortable to wear.
6. Enhance and improve hair follicle blood circulation and metabolism, promote hair growth.
7.Lescolton LS-D601 delivers state of the art low level laser therapy (LLLT) directly to the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate cell activity and promote blood flow.This direct stimulation of the follicles results in promotion of hair growth.
8. The LLLT is absorbed into the hair follicles, triggering enhanced cellular activity,makes aging cells more active.
9. Red light from Laser and LED devices emitting 650—670nm wavelength light can stimulate cells within the follicle, reduce hair loss and promote healthier hair growth.The Laser light produces a specific wavelength can stimulate the hair follicle cells. The LED infrared light uses a broader beam of gentle light energy to cover a wider area of the scalp.
10. The Lescolton LS-D601 combines 26 Lasers and 30 LED infrared lights in a hands—free automated device that is easy to use, while providing consistent scalp coverage in each 25 minute treatment session.
The LS-D601 requires no manual movement. Simply, place the device on your head, select one of 4 pre— programmed sessions and then sit back and relax.
11. The LS-D601 has been especially safely designed with built-in infrared sensor light is designed so that it can only be turned on when it is firmly placed on your head.
12. Lightweight design, weighing only 600g, long wearing neck is not tired. Soft silicone in both sides for automatic size adjustment. Anyone applies.


Number of Lasers:26
wavelength of Laser:650±10nm
Number of LEDs:30
Wavelength of LEDs:650±10nm
Input:AC 100-240V
Output:DC 5V
Net Weight:≈600g
One box contain:1 helmet+1 charger+1 instruction

4 working mode
Mode 1: Suitable for people with severe hair loss
The laser light group and the infrared light group are always on

Mode 2: Suitable for people who have serious hair loss in the middle of the head
The laser light group is always on, and the infrared light group is flashing;

Mode 3: Suitable for people with M-type hair loss and slight baldness
The laser light group flashes, and the infrared light group is always on;

Mode 4: Suitable for people who are preventing hair loss and postpartum hair loss.
The laser light group and the infrared light group flash.

Package Content:
1 x Hair Regrowth Helmet
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Controller
1 x Manual