Compatible , Multi-function Conversion Socket

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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

Multi-function conversion socket

1. This product is suitable for more than 150 countries around the world.
2. Built-in American, Australian, European, and British integrated plugs. Multi-national universal socket with safety protection door.
Three. 4USB + typeC super large 5600MA fast charging, with smart IC smart charging, intelligent matching of the digital products used, providing charging output. Type-C charging supports the charging of a variety of electronic devices, tablets and other devices.
4. Material: Imported PC 94v0 fireproof plastic material, it is not flammable in case of fire, it is safer and more reliable to use environmental protection! Made of phosphor bronze-plated nickel material, it will not be deformed and energized after long-term insertion.

Five, product parameters:
1. Voltage range: 100-240V, 8A Max.
2. Product size: 73X54X53MM Weight: 145g
3. Built-in fuse 8A protection and spare fuse
4. USB output: 5V, 5600MA, Type C output: 5V, 3.0A

VI. Passed CE, FCC, ROHS certification.

7. Test: high and low temperature test, Fuse fuse test, pressure test, AC power test, alcohol friction test, pull force test, aging test, drop test.

Brand products, quality assurance, the advantages of this product:
1. Small size and large output, Type C 3.0A fast charging interface is suitable for new Apple products, 5600MA fast charging.
2. New design, socket upgrade, brand new protection door, three defenses: anti-nail insertion; anti-IMM needle; anti-European foot single insertion.
3.8A fuse fuse, high power 2000W, solves the problem of using high-power products.
4. Use optimization: from the past manual switch pin to automatic switch pin.