Foldable Fishing Net Bait Trap Fish Minnow Crawfish Shrimp Net

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Material Nylon
Type A: Six holes 61cm diameter, 23cm height
B: Eight holes diameter 67cm, height 25cm
C: Checkered fabric, Ten holes, 83cm diameter, 26cm height

1. This product adopts bold umbrella type skeleton, sturdy and durable, not easy to rust. It has a shrimp inlet between each two ribs. Large outside and small inside design makes it easy to get inside but difficult to get outside for fish, shrimp, crabs, etc..
2. The bottom of the cage is designed with a fish catching hole and a bait pocket, and is equipped with a high-strength zipper for durability.
3. When using, just tighten and clamp the string. After use, simply press the button and it will automatically fold, easy to store.

1 x Fishing net