Multi-size Camo Net Quick Dry Waterproof Camouflage Netting Reversible Green/Brown For Hunting/Shooting

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Tough Tear proof nylon

300g Approx


Type A - 2*1.5m

Type B - 4*1.5m

Type C - 5*1.5m

Type D - 10*1.5m

Type E - 2*2.5m

Type F - 4*2.5m

Type G - 5*2.5m

Type H - 10*2.5m


- This camouflage Net is a premium netting at an affordable price. Made from tough, tear proof nylon it is perfectly designed for use outdoors

- It also be turned in bedroom decoration for army enthusiast, as a backdrop for photography purposes or as cover for bird watching or wildlife photography; the uses are limited to your imagination. 

- The dual reversible colour system provides two camouflage options depending on the surroundings, leaving you with versatility that you’ll struggle to find from any other camouflage net.  

- The netting itself is water, rot and mould resistant, again proving itself as a perfect outdoor companion. It is quick drying, lightweight and compact, allowing itself to be easy to handle and adjust to suit your needs.

Package included:

1 x Outdoor Camo Net