Outdoor Seven Core Umbrella Rope Climbing Survival Key Chain Hanging Hand-woven Round Steel Ball

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100% new design and high quality

1. Use seven-core umbrella rope

The real seven-core umbrella rope is made according to the 550 standard and is wound by imported equipment. The whole is round and tight, the surface texture is fine, and the abrasion resistance is good. After disassembly, a 3.5-meter long umbrella rope can be obtained, which is used for emergency survival, Or weaving, winding and so on. The pulling force of a single rope can reach 280 kg, far exceeding the strength of a normal rope

2. Built-in large steel ball

The built-in large steel ball with a diameter of about 2cm and a weight of 38 grams can be used as a self-defense weapon in case of danger. The ball contains a steel ball with a diameter of about 2 cm and a weight of 38 grams. In case of danger, the rope at the end can be opened and used as a self-defense weapon.


Product name: key pendant (with self-defense steel ball)

Material: Seven-core umbrella rope, built-in steel balls with a diameter of about 2 cm and a weight of 38 grams

Specifications: 24 cm in total length

Weight: About 86 grams

Function: Key pendant, decorations; after the rope is disassembled, it is nearly 3.5 meters long, which can be used for first aid, winding weaving, etc.; when in danger, the tail of the rope can be disassembled for self-defense. One thing is multi-purpose.

Package Content:

 1*Key pendant