Single Poleless Tent Full Set Right Opening Picnic Camping Tent

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Product Information

Tent Structure: Double Tent

Support Material: Aluminum Alloy

Specification: 220*(80+120+60)*115 High

Weight: 0.95kg (G)

Build Situation: Need To Build

Space Structure: One Bedroom And One Hall

Style Function: Waterproof, Adventure, Picnic, Super Light

Outdoor Account Waterproof Coefficient: 1500mm (Inclusive)-2000mm (Not Included)

Waterproof Factor Of Bottom Tent: 1500mm (Inclusive)-2000mm (Not Included)

Support Bar: Aluminum Alloy

Internal Account: 220*(80+120+60)*115 High

Foreign Account: (220+25)*Width (120+95)*115

Color: Green

Applicable Number; Single