Unleash Your Finger Power: BBTO Finger Strengthener Hand Exerciser - Elevate Your Guitar Skills, Conquer Rock Climbing, and Boost Physical Therapy!

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4 Pieces finger strengthener hand exerciser trainer spring-loaded hand grip finger exerciser tool for guitar practice rock climbing training and physical therapy

Individual fingers training deign:
For disciplines like climbing or music, training individual fingers may be critical. If you’ve never tried a finger strengthener, you may be surprised at how relatively weak some of your fingers are. Our hand grip finger exercisers are designed to solve this situation, which is a training program that encompasses all the fingers, isolating and exercising each finger individually for strength, dexterity, and endurance.

Suitable crowd:
This set of finger strengtheners with different strengthen tension levels, from X-light to heavy, including 1.2 kg/ 2.65 lb, 3.2 kg/ 7 lb, 4.1 kg/ 9 lb, and 5 kg/ 11 lb, is a good option for beginners to grip, and gradually strengthen tension levels, also suitable for people who are looking to target individual fingers. Ideal for athletes, guitarist, pianist, accordion performer, violinist, hand reconstruction patient, etc.

Material: plastic and spring
Color: red, blue, black, green
Size: 8 x 9 cm/ 3.1 x 3.5 inch

Package includes:
1 x X-light finger strengthener (2.65 lb per finger)
1 x Light finger strengthener (7 lb per finger)
1 x Medium finger strengthener (9 lb per finger)
1 x Heavy finger strengthener (11 lb per finger)

Clean with a dry cloth only. Don't let the spring get wet.