Black Fire - Original®: Unleash the Power for Wild Boar Hunting - Premium Ammo in Convenient Cardboard Packaging!

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  • ✔️Black Fire Original can be applied ideally to tree trunks with a height of 20 cm to 120 cm. It is Black Fire's most popular fragrance for wild boars.
  • ✔️Black Fire Original is a special blend of beech wood tar and a combination of other powerful ingredients.
  • ✔️ Due to the pleasant aroma of beech wood tar, wild boars like to come to places where the Black Fire Original was used.
  • ✔️Black Fire - Original can be used at any time of year and in any weather. The smell is enticing to wild boars and leads them to where Black Fire Original is placed.
  • ✔️Black Fire Original is tested by hunting professionals from all over Europe. Its proven formula does not disappoint when you hunt wild boars.