SafeHero Gun Cabinet Class 1 EN 1143-1 Secureo Eagle 7 Estate | Weapon Cabinet 1 for 7 Long Gun Cabinet with Key Lock | Conforms Weapons Cabinet Long Grips + Ammunition

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Brand: Secureo
Product dimensions: 45D x 55W x 150H centimetres
Lock type: Key
Colour: Graphite Grey
Recommended uses for product: Zuhause
Weight: 199 Kilograms
Style: Double-bit key lock

✔️ Longitudinal grade 1: weapon cabinet exceeds the legal requirements with resistance level 1 according to EN 1143-1. The certificate from ECB-S Germany is welcome to see in this weapon cabinet 1 by every auditor and insurance
✔️ Space-saving safe: weapon cabinet grade 1 outer dimensions: 150 x 55 x 45 cm (H x W x D) | Inner dimensions: 145 x 50 x 34 cm (H x W x D) | This weapon safe offers space for up to 7 long weapons including accessories by 3 adjustable - and removable compartment. Shelves in folder section
✔️ EASY TRACKING POSITION & MOUNTAIN: The door can be removed from the weapon safe, which means that the weight of 199 kg is approx. 1/3 reduced. This weapon cabinet 1 can be anchored either to the back panel (not drilled through) or to the ground - mounting material included
✔️ Great support: weapon cabinet resistance grade 1 with 7 weapon holders, large adjustment height, 3 shelves in the folder part, double bit lock with 2 keys, 4 x storage compartments on the door, 1 x cleaning stick holder, key hook, high-quality paint finish in RAL 7024 graphite grey
✔️ Longitudinal risk of complaints: the class 1 weapon cabinet takes place after previous telephone notification (please check your stored telephone number in your Amazon account) until the first obstacle in front of the house (= free kerbside)