YAYB Premium Gym Chalk Powder - Made in UK/EU - Climbing Powder

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  • No additives at all. Ultra Pure Magnesium Carbonate only. Due to our chalk being very high purity it has excellent hygroscopic properties which means less of it goes further than lower quality products. Our chalk has an incredibly fine structure & high degree of absorbency which will keep your grip stronger for longer!
  • Made by lifters and strength athletes for you. YAYB gym chalk is used by: Climbers, Elite level record setting Powerlifters, Gymnasts, Weightlifters, Strongmen and many other sports that require a solid grip.
  • Our chalk is supplied in either resealable bags or hard plastic open top buckets which are perfect for dipping your hands right in while minimizing mess! They are easily refilled by our larger value bags to reduce waste.
  • YAYB Premium Gym Chalk is sourced from within the UK/EU and is exceptional quality. We pack and check every bag / tub here at YAYB HQ in Runcorn (North West UK). We use only the finest grade magnesium carbonate (gym chalk).
  • Tested by the strongest athletes and used by some of the strongest people in the UK! YAYB Supplies and sponsors some of the best. When you need to perform you need YAYB!